Personal Growth and Professional Training Program


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Program information:

The 3+ year training program is divided into three blocks:

Block I: Personal Growth (4 segments)
Block II: The Practice of Teaching (4 segments)
Block III: Full Certification (7 segments)

Block I can be used as either the first step in the Professional Training Program or for personal growth.

To receive a Practicioner Certification, all three blocks must be completed.

All three blocks of the Training Program offer students the opportunity to grow by consciously sensing and experiencing the movement of breath in the body. They learn about the importance of experiencing breath, presence and sensation as an all-encompassing principle for the development of Self.

During each segment, the principles of breath are explored within the following themes:

Breath and Movement:
• Training in sensory awareness as a base to sense breath movement
• Identifying the sensation of breath movement and breath cycle in the body
• Experiencing the distinction of allowing as opposed to controlling the breath
• Exploring the dialogue between doing and allowing
• Identifying the breath cycle and the movement in the body created by inhale, exhale, pause (the space between the end of exhale and the beginning of the next cycle)
• Exploring the sensation of being moved by the breath
• Experiencing each breath cycle and the breath rhythm in a continuous flow
• Embodying breath principles and archetypes
• Discovering the equality of powers in the experience of breath
• Processing and developing through the sculpting body of breath

Breath and Sound:
• Developing the awareness of the sculpting Body of Breath of internal spaces created by the movement of breath and enhanced by sound
• Experiencing the internal landscape of the Body of Breath
• Experiencing the flow in the breath cycle and breath rhythm as it informs sound
• Clarifying the dialogue and dynamic relationship between inner and outer
• Vocalizing breath movement through the exploration of vowels and consonants in their relationship to breath
• Discovering the expression of Self through breath movement and sound

Breath in Relationship:
• Experiencing and maintaining the dynamic of own rhythm/other rhythm – the ability to differentiate ‘my experience’ from ‘another’s experience’
• Discovering trust in Self and the world
• Receiving and integrating emotional conflict through breath awareness
• Developing the ability to listen with every cell in the body (somatic listening)
• Developing somatic listening without judgement, assumption or expectation
• Meeting conflict with the creative force of the Body of Breath, both within Self and with others
• Learning to understand and connect the physical with the cognitive, intuitive, emotional and spiritual aspects of self through Breathexperience
• Experiencing breath as a source for developing responsibility for one’s own process

Breath and Creativity:
• Exploring the creative connection between the allowed breath and Self
• Discovering the essence of Self, always present in the Core
• Finding trust in expressing the truth of one’s being, informed by the movement of the allowed breath

Breath Dialogue (Hands-on Modality):
• Developing the capacity to sense the movement of another person’s body of breath
• Engaging in somatic dialogue between another person’s body of breath and one’s hands
• Cultivating receiving as opposed to directing
• Deepening one’s trust in sensation, as a reference to identify Breath Dialogue
• Experiencing breath as a process for transformation and personal growth

Process Definition:
• Clarifying the principles of breath in Breathexperience forms, archetypes and practices • Developing the individual as teacher and practitioner, in practice sessions and supervised breath-dialogue sessions
• Identifying what can support the development of students/clients
• Embodying receptiveness and somatic listening as the essential element in offering Breathexperience to others
• Learning how to create an environment that encourages students and clients to trust their experience of breath
• Integrating the training experience into a professional practice and into daily life

Cost for Each Participant (Per Year):

Segment I:   $ 2,040.00
Segment II:   $ 1,020.00
Segment III:    $ 1,020.00
Segment IV:    $ 1,700.00
_= $ 5,780.00
+5% GST



Block I Dates:

Segment I: July 22 – August 4, 2017
Segment II: November 4 – 9, 2017
Segment III: February 3 – 8, 2018
Segment IV: April 21 – May 2, 2018



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