2018 Workshops

Breathexperience in the Performing Arts

Breathexperience in the Performing Arts Workshop
With Master Teacher Juerg Roffler


This unique workshop for actors, singers, dancers, musicians and other performing artists will explore FREEDOM to choose…to risk… to sound … to sing …. to move … to express.
When you allow your breath to come and go on its own you gain access to a deep well of trust within yourself to be fearlessly creative and to unconditionally participate with other performers.


Cost:  $350.000
Location:  The Breathspace
1392 East 3rd Ave, Vancouver BC
Includes 2 free
Breathexperience Classes
No dates have been scheduled for 2018


Breathexperience has been life changing for me. It is so central to my life and well-being, not only as a performer but also in my day to day. It has strengthened my voice and greatly improved my sense of self-confidence.

-Michelle Tomney, actor/singer/roller derby referee



I walk in with no expectations and walk out with breath, and outcomes I did not dream of. 

-Mikel Grant, head Instuctor, Shanghai VFS


For the very first time, I feel breath flowing through my playing. There is awareness of the space between the notes, between the sounds and my natural flow of breath, and this is directly informing my phrasing.

-Leanne Page, singer/harpist



To register for the workshop please contact Alisa Kort at:
or call 604-329-0002