2018 Workshops

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Breath Speaks! with Gayle Murphy


Cost: $100
Location: The Breathspace
1392 East 3rd Ave, Vancouver BC

How we breathe affects who we are, how we feel, and how we respond to the world.

In this Breath Speaks workshop, you will immerse yourself in the experience of listening to your allowed breath – the breath that comes and goes on its own. As you learn to sense your breath without interfering with its natural rhythms, more ease and responsiveness develops.

You will sound, move and speak, inspired by the conscious sensation of breath movement through your body. You will experience your own breath rhythms in relationship to others and recognize the impulse to sound and speak from your breath response. As your breath finds more ease, the resonance and range of your speaking voice will expand.

This workshop is open to everyone and highly recommended for actors and other professional speakers.


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Registration and Contact Information:

To register for the workshop, please contact Gayle Murphy at:


or call 604-317-6582 for more information.

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