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Breath Sings! With Alisa Kort


Cost: $125.00
Location: The Breathspace
1392 East 3rd Ave, Vancouver BC


This is a program which I have developed from my own explorations in finding the allowed breath in singing and the work I have done with acting students at Vancouver Film School for the past 15 years.

We will explore finding more ease and joy in singing, expanding your perceptions of breath, body and voice; going past limiting fears and opening to a greater sense of trust in yourself and in your vocal expression through the allowed Breath.



One of the main benefits that the Breathexperience work develops is a deep connection to Self – that presence that is rooted in the true essence of who we are. Breathexperience offers a practice that develops this essential substance into creative impulse and a vehicle for its expression. Some of the benefits experienced and integrated through this practice are:

  • Greater authenticity and presence
  • Help to recognize the Authentic Self in sound and movement
  • Increased physical and mental ease
  • Enhanced access to your own innate vitality
  • More joy and fulfillment in performing
  • Reduction of performance anxiety
  • Shows the benefits of shifting from doing/controlling, to the principle of allowing through breath

When the body is moved by breath, soul and spirit becomes visible. Breathsings! is a special breathexperience program, developed by Alisa Kort. It is an inspiration and path to find the truth of expression of Self, using the breath as a source and initiator of all movement and expression, unfolding what we are in essence. It teaches how movement and sound are initiated and defined by breath and through this process the beauty of your truth is effortlessly actualized.



A testimonial for Breath Sings!


Lisa Waines
Actor and Singer

Alisa Kort’s Breath Sings! has allowed me to feel freedom and joy in singing again. Thank you, Alisa!

Having been an “actor who sings”, I have always felt at a disadvantage musically to “singers who act”. This has created an insecurity that has at times prevented me from auditioning for roles that I’m sure I could have fun with. However, Alisa’s guidance and the safe learning environment she creates allows the possibility of ALL of me to sing- even the insecure part -which results in a whole realm of perceived sensations including greater permission, freedom and joy while singing.



Registration and Contact Information:

To register for the workshop, please contact Alisa Kort at:


or call 604-329-0002 for more information.

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