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Breath into Singing with LindaMarie James


Cost: $125
Location: The Breathspace
1392 East 3rd Ave, Vancouver BC
 Instructor: LindaMarie James


Breathexperience is the practice of allowing your breath to move naturally, without controlled effort, and allowing oneself to be present to the sensation of the movement of this breath. This practice promotes personal well-being and ease on all levels, along with a gentle, yet profound way of connecting with ones’ true self.

In Breath into Singing our intention is to bring the ‘allowing’ and ‘doing’ forces together. Specifically, participants are encouraged to allow the movement of their own natural, (allowed) breath in relation to the extension of their exhale, (doing) while singing.

The singer discovers that by ‘allowing’ the breath, rather than controlling the breath, there is less tension in the physical body, and therefore less tension in their sound.

The singers’ freer voice now becomes its own unique sound rather than one which is generic and controlled. In this way, singers connect with their own natural voice, and find greater access to their emotions as they tell the ‘story’ through voice and song.

This Workshop / Master Class is open to anyone who would like to explore the joy of singing.

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Robin Driedger-Klassen
Opera Singer/Teacher
I was thrilled when my own understanding of vocal technique and my belief that Breath is everything in singing, in health, in life and in the full range of human emotion, was exactly along the lines of what LindaMarie is teaching with Breath into Singing.

David Meek
Head of Voice,
The Vancouver Academy of Music
LindaMarie presented a 3 hour Master Class in which a dozen of my students and myself participated. It turned out to be a very interesting and revealing class where a number of the students learned much more about the natural way to breathe instead of the more effortful way many of them were struggling with. I have used these principles for my singers since we had the Breath into Singing Master Class and have found it very beneficial in my teaching and in getting a more relaxed and natural tone from the students. There is less tension in the voice and less physical effort in producing the sound…

Chloé Hurst
Department Head,
Early Music Education,
The Vancouver Academy of Music
I have been taking Breathexperience classes with LindaMarie James for several years, which includes regular private lessons where we work Breath into Singing. My personal experience with the Breathexperience is that it has guided me to find my true, raw self with no inhibitions. Being present to the Breath, which is the foundation of the Breathexperience, teaches us more than we may realize about what is actually going on within ourselves. From a professional perspective as a singer, allowing my breath to be free while staying present to it, has helped me become a better singer technically, and a freer performer physically.


Registration and Contact Information

To Register for this Workshop / Master Class, please contact LindaMarie James at:

lindamariej@shaw.ca or call: 604-731-1086 for more information

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