2018 Workshops

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Breath in Leadership with Valerie Galvin


Cost: $100
Location: The Breathspace
1392 East 3rd Ave, Vancouver BC


We are all called upon to lead in our lives – as parents, as colleagues and as members of our communities. Who we are as a leader begins with how, moment to moment, we lead ourselves, and as an extension, how we lead others.

Each of us has the power to profoundly influence the atmosphere of the groups within which we live and communicate. It means being fully responsible for our own experience  – for the sensations we recognize within ourselves, the emotions we either allow or resist, the intuition we heed or do not, and the thoughts to which we choose to give power. The more we are aware of our experience – physical, emotional and mental  – the more we can be at choice, and as leaders, create an atmosphere where receptivity, responsiveness, trust, curiosity and healthy debate are the air we breathe.

This workshop will explore how sensing the movement of breath within us, as we let it come and go on its own, gives us the capacity to create an atmosphere of listening – within ourselves, and in all our interactions.

This workshop is open to everyone.


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Registration and Contact Information:

To register for the workshop, please contact Valerie Galvin at:

or call 604-789-1491 for more information.