Workshops, classes, and hands-on sessions are structured to provide each individual with the support needed to carry away their own personal learning of breath’s meaning. – MIBE Canada

Individual Breath Dialogue sessions:

Breath DialogueBreath Dialogue sessions allow for a more precise approach to the individual’s situation than in breath and movement groups or classes. Through both group work and individual hands-on sessions approaches can be experienced and processed on their own, these two approaches are excellent complements for one another.

In Hands-on sessions – also called Breath Dialogue – the client lies on a low padded table. The Practitioner works with hands on the clients body to connect with the client’s natural breath. The work is experiential and based on the client’s physical sensation of breath movement. Through the practitioner’s hands the client receives “questions” posed to the breath in its undisturbed state. These questions invite breath to develop throughout the whole body and its being. The client’s natural breath answers in its individual way, as it develops in the precise and appropriate amount for the client to understand and integrate changes that occur.

The client recognizes and senses a new form of growth which brings him or her closer to balance and well-being. The measure of substance that is processed comes from the potential of the clients natural breath for healing and balance, rather than from a concept or plan made by the practitioner. Consequently, the responses of the clients breath guide the practitioner to the next “breath question”. This way both client and practitioner have the assurance that the clients individual potential for growth and integration is respected and supported.

Although the client’s range of expression is unlimited, the practitioner encourages a dialogue that happens through the breath to support an experience that can lead to a new understanding of Self and Self responsibility.

How to book an individual session:

There are four instructors who are available for Individual Sessions. Please contact one of the following instructors with your inquiry.


Alisa Kort
Gayle Murphy
LindaMarie James
Valerie Galvin

An individual session lasts one hour. We encourage a series of at least
5 – 10 sessions to foster process and development that can bring changes,
leading to better balance and an improved state of health.



1 Individual Session $100.00
5 Individual Sessions $450.00
10 Individual Sessions $900.00