Here are some testimonials from people who have attended Breathexperience courses:


Leanne Page
Singer and Harpist

Hi Alisa,

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Jeurg. I was just playing my harp and for the very first time I feel breath flowing through my playing. There is an awareness of the space between the notes, between the sounds and my natural flow of breath, which I am now waiting for and sensing, is directly informing my phrasing.

It seems logical that this would be but I don’t think I’ve ever really understood or felt this.

It is a beautiful, healing sensation for me and I am so grateful that you have introduced me to my own sense of breath which is myself.




Mikal Grant
Teaching & Acting Faculty at VFS

I had the pleasure of attending the Breath Sings series of workshops at MIBE’s Vancouver studio. It was a deepening of a practice that I have begun as a singer and a teacher of voice and song and movement. The work has allowed me the time to rediscover the allowed breath in a safe space where I can reveal my doubts and limitations and be aware of the dialogue as it unfolds. I walk in with no expectations and walk out with breath and outcomes I did not dream of. My ability to stay in my own breath in teaching situations has shifted and has become a practice instead of a visitation. I have shifted many old beliefs and have opened many new possibilities. I see that there is no end to my learning and so appreciate the gifted guidance and care in the class by Alisa Kort. I have worked with her for over 25 years and see her continued dedication to growth, which inspires me as I journey through my own. Thank you!




Lisa Waines
Actor and Singer

Alisa Kort’s Breath Sings! has allowed me to feel freedom and joy in singing again. Thank you, Alisa!

Having been an “actor who sings”, I have always felt at a disadvantage musically to “singers who act”. This has created an insecurity that has at times prevented me from auditioning for roles that I’m sure I could have fun with. However, Alisa’s guidance and the safe learning environment she creates allows the possibility of ALL of me to sing- even the insecure part -which results in a whole realm of perceived sensations including greater permission, freedom and joy while singing.



Barb Kmeic
Writer and Editor

The experience of connecting with the “allowed breath” is profound and quietly life-changing. The ability to connect with breath is the ability to be more fully present and at ease in every moment. For me it has been a gradual process, deepening the longer that I practice. It is a process of gentle reconnection with self and with the joy of being alive. Beautifully healing. Middendorf Breath Work with LindaMarie James has been a blessing and gift. I highly recommend it!! 



Michelle Tomney
Actor, singer, roller derby referee with Terminal City Rollergirls, current president of Vancouver Junior Roller Derby

Breath work has been life-changing for me. It is  so central to my life and wellbeing, not only as a performer but also in my day-to-day. As a performer and referee it has strengthened my voice and greatly improved my sense of self confidence.  As a teacher and coach of children’s athletics, I have been able to pass on some of the concepts that I have learned and seen the benefits in their growth as well.  As a survivor of trauma, I have found it absolutely invaluable in being able to grow, heal and move forward in the best, most positive way.  It’s has changed my relationship with myself and with others immeasurably for the better.  I passionately believe that everyone can benefit from developing breath and their connection to themselves, no matter their path in life. It is a gift to all people, in everything we do.



Tannis Hugill
Somatic Therapist

My Middendorf Breathexperience studies with Alisa and Juerg have been one of the most life-changing practices I have learned in all my years as a performing artist and dance-movement/somatic therapist.  They continue to transform in ways that manifest both personally and professionally.  I am profoundly grateful!



Jessica Gares

Breathexperience has helped me to grow into the confident person I am today. I can’t imagine my life without this work. It has brought ease to my acting work and auditioning skills, as well as my ability to go through the world as my true self.



Barbara Tomasic
Actress, Singer and Dancer

As a singer and actor, I was so used to taking “preparatory breaths” that I didn’t even realize that they had become a cover for my vulnerability in my work. Breathexperience with Gayle Murphy allowed me to work with my natural breath which in turn made me more available and present in my performance. The work allowed me to consistently access a layer of honesty and truth that I hadn’t felt before.



Suzanne Bennett
Actress and Educator

As a performer, I was always told to breathe, but I don’t think I ever really understood much about it, other than the necessity for it. I believed that it was something I had to somehow control. After losing my voice entirely, I began searching for new ‘ways in’. I never realized how much power and vitality could be accessed by making contact with this most basic and essential process. From my very first contact with this work, I knew it would be important and life-changing, and it has become the “touchstone” for everything I do.




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