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Since its inception, this creative form of breathing education, developed by Professor Ilse Middendorf, has achieved international attention for its effectiveness as a somatic healing and growth process. Ilse Middendorf began practicing her work in 1935. In 1965 in Berlin, she founded the Institute for the Perceptible Breath (now called Breathexperience), which certifies practitioners. There are several Middendorf schools in Europe. Each year these schools graduate between seventy and ninety new practitioners who work in a variety of areas of private practice, music and acting schools, clinics for rehabilitation and psychology, counseling offices, etc.

In 1986, Feldenkrais Resources of Berkeley, California, a center for Feldenkrais education and other somatic explorations invited Ilse Middendorf and her close associate, Juerg Roffler to introduce the work to the United States. In 1989, to support the growing interest in Breathexperience, Juerg Roffler initiated the first training program leading to the certification of Middendorf practitioners in the United States. In 1991 Juerg founded the Middendorf Breath Institute and the first group of certified practitioners graduated in April, 1992. The 3 Block Personal Growth and Professional Training Program is offered in the Bay Area, Berlin and now Vancouver, Canada.

In 2011, Alisa Kort became the director and founder of MIBE Canada, offering classes and workshops at The Breath Space in Vancouver, British Columbia. In September 2016, Alisa was joined in partnership by Gayle Murphy, Linda Marie James and Valerie Galvin, forming Breathexperience Canada. Our vision is to make Breathexperience available in communities across the country. The first step on this journey is the inaugural Personal Growth and Professional Training Program, beginning in July 2017.