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“To our ordinary consciousness, breathing only serves to maintain our body. But if we go beyond our mind, breathing can open up a completely new foundation for our life.”

Ilse Middendorf



Breath reflects every aspect of our life, on all levels of being – physical, emotional and spiritual. When we participate consciously in sensing breath without control, we can access resources within. Breath lets us know what is needed to come into balance and maintain health. Breathexperience is a unique practice that promotes healing and wellbeing through breath awareness.

For more than 60 years, Professor Ilse Middendorf of Berlin, Germany, developed Breathexperience, a somatic work based on the autonomic mode of breathing. This approach promotes a conscious experience of breath, free from control of the human will. Ilse Middendorf died in 2009 at the age of 98. Juerg Roffler continues to develop the work.

Breath not only reaches our inner world and moves us, it also connects us to the outer world. Breath that comes and goes on its own creates movements both inward and outward, in an ever-continuing act of filling and emptying, receiving and giving, creating our sculpting body of breath. This sculpting is an individual process of balancing and healing.

Breath movement becomes meaningful. Through simple exercises, we become aware of breath laws and principles, and use them as a tool to experience and understand breath movements as the source of our creative forces as well as an outlet for their expression. The Self becomes embodied through the movements that are initiated by breath. We enter a self-aware process of growth and development. Body, soul, and spirit can be experienced as one.

Every breath cycle contains all of who we are. By learning to listen to our breath, we connect with a source that can help to direct and lead us through a process of integration. Breath becomes our teacher and healer.